Welcome to the home of

The Chimical Breed


The Chemical Breed is a goal drivin Industrial Corporation.


* Miners, Transporters, Security, and anyone interested in the industry side of EvE are welcome to apply.


 No Trial accounts. New Player friendly, age 18+ preferd. Only serious applicants need apply.



+Gallente FW Friendly Corporation+

Notice: Site Under Construction for on going Maintenance.

We are continuing to improve the site. 


If you have previously registered with the site before and find yourself unable to access the site.
you will need to reregester and contact 
e Lab Technition.

The Chemical Breed was established on June 2nd 2012.

 For The past 2 years The corporation Has branched into all aspects of the EvE Universe gaining experiances in Gallente Faction Warfare, Industry, Mission Running, Transporting, Exploration, Dust Merc opperations, and soon The Chemical Breed will venture into the realms of the Valkrie.


We currently are interested in individuals who would like to grow within our Corporation for the longterm.


There is no requirements of owning a PS3, PS4, or minimums to ones skill sets. 

If you do not currently have an EvE Online account? 

We provide direct liinks to a Full Trial Instalation.


We look forward to your application to the corp.


Best Regards!  DjPilgrim : CEO of The Breed